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Why Customer Service is More Important Than You Think

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When I first opened my practice, I knew that good reviews would really help my business succeed, but I never thought the response I got could be so positive and so contagious. The truth is, sites like Yelp and any other areas you are being reviewed online, is the new word of mouth. This is the #1 reason why getting as close to 100% 5 star reviews as possible should be your mission.

Contrary to popular belief, it definitely is possible.

Yelp (and most other review sites) knows that not everyone will have a great experience, which is why your overall rating is what matters and it’s what most people will see when they visit your page. You should still read and take your negative reviews very seriously and make it a point to correct issues as quickly and feasibly as you can. Even with disgruntled clients, you can redeem yourself and your business. However, you should realize that once that review has been written it will be very difficult to undo the damage.

The statistics show that “A typical business hears from 4% of its dissatisfied customers.” Which can be both good and bad news for you as a business owner or massage therapist. Good, because more than likely if you are doing a really great job and focused on customer service, you probably won’t be hearing from your disgruntled clients very often. Bad because if you are not focused on customer service and providing a great experience your negative reviews will more than likely show up often and at your dismay. In another study, it was shown that “it takes 12 positive reviews to make up for one negative review”. This balance is where customer service or the lack thereof can make or break potential new clients and ultimately your revenue.
The White House Office of Consumer Affairs stated that “News of bad customer service reaches more than twice as many ears as praise for a good service experience.” If that doesn’t tell you something about the importance of customer service than I am not sure you read that correctly. Just imagine the damage that one person who has a bad experience could do to your business. Now imagine that person has influence over 100s of friends and family in your local area. Trust me customer service is everything, both to you as a therapist and your business.

For those of you who don’t own a practice, don’t think that you are excused or that a negative review will fall on your employer's shoulder alone, because it won’t. Often times people review and post names of the people who have done them wrong. It really is important for all massage therapists to focus on providing the best service they can.

We want to hear from you. How have your positive or negative reviews affected your business?

Mercedes Diaz

Mercedes Diaz is a serial entrepreneur, owner of a small sports massage clinic in Boston,Ma, online marketing and advertising consultant, business visibility strategist and owner of three authority sites including Massage Therapy That Sells. She loves everything business and is happy to share her knowledge with anyone who asks.


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