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The Top 5 Most Important Features Your Website Might Be Missing


Having a web presence is vital (we have all heard that before), but if you do not have the right information on your site, then

you are literally losing clients, instead of gaining them. The important thing is to make it very

easy for people to find you, contact you, and schedule an appointment. Let’s take a look at the

top 5 features that should appear on your web page:


1. Exact contact information should be easily found on your web page. Contact information

should be clearly visible on every page of your website. This easily done, especially

if you are using WordPress as the platform for your site. A Header, Footer or Widget

only needs to be added once, and it should appear on each page of your site. If you

offer an online scheduling option (and you should), simply add the “schedule now” button

near the sidebar widget, and this should also appear on each page of your site. Remember to mention

the state that you are based in.


2. Clearly describe your services to your potential customers. I know that you are excited,

and want to list your credentials with big fancy words, such as “trigger point therapy” and

“Swedish massage”, but here is an important secret: everyday people speak everyday

language. Most people, who have not studied anatomy, refer to the scapula as the

shoulder blade, and they just want to know that you are the best person to relieve their

stress and physical pain. So, it is important to remember to speak the language of your

clients. Don't try to get to fancy with descriptions of your services, but be clear.


3. High resolution photos are a must. If you have fuzzy and blurred photos posted on your website, besides

the fact that it is not very professional, it also could mean that you are hiding something

(if you have ever used an online dating service, you know what I mean). Friendly photos

are very important, because you want people to feel comfortable with the people that will

be giving the massage. Your website photo is the first impression that potential clients

will see during the decision making process


4. Add a blog to your website, as this will answer many questions that your potential clients

may have. It may take time, dedication, and more than one web page to convince

people that massage therapy is a necessary part of healthy living. A list of services

which we mentioned above, is still important, but will not be enough. Having a blog attached to

your website will keep your website visitors engaged, and you will have the opportunity

to help people make an educated decision regarding massage therapy. A blog will be

the heart of your website site, so give it the tender loving care it deserves. Not to mention blogging overtime will increase your relevance in google search engines and help your business be found in organic online searches much faster.


5. Make sure prospective clients can find you online. If you cannot be found by a quick internet search, you will be unable to

you will lose potential clients. According to The Social Times in 2014, 81% of consumers conducted online research before buying... that was two years ago. It has most certainly grown since then. In addition to having a quality website,you also need to have a Twitter and Facebook account, to promote your website and other great business offers.

There you have! Those of you who don't have a website, get one, and for those that do but barely use it... trust me you are doing yourself a disservice.

Your turn... tell us how your website is bringing in new clients and leave us questions or comments on what you want to hear more about.

Mercedes Diaz

Mercedes Diaz is a serial entrepreneur, owner of a small sports massage clinic in Boston,Ma, online marketing and advertising consultant, business visibility strategist and owner of three authority sites including Massage Therapy That Sells. She loves everything business and is happy to share her knowledge with anyone who asks.


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