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Secrets On How To Deal With Customers Who Push Back On Your Asking Price

dealing_with_pushbacks on pricing

Typically, during a sales transaction, the customer usually will ask for something, such as a

demonstration of the product, basic information regarding the service or product, referrals, or a

lower price. After you give the customer something, it is part of the “sales dance” that you ask

for something in return, such as permission to move forward with the presentation. In the world

of sales, giving and receiving are held in equal esteem, and both parts should be treated with

the highest respect.

There is no cut and dry sales method on how to deal with customers that push back on price. It

is for this reason that we are offering five (5) different strategies that may be useful, when

dealing with customers who push back.

Depending on the situation, try implementing one of the following strategies to seal the deal:

1. Ask the right questions. Most of the time, price is not the point of contention. Dig

deeper, and find out what the bigger problem is, and be ready to meet the need.


2. Ignore the resistance and continue with the presentation. This is a risky move, but it can

prove to be effective. If the potential customer does not bring up the matter of price

again, you should be well on your way to closing the deal.


3. Know when to walk away and move on. This is why it is vitally important to have a

pipeline, that is full at all times, so when losing a deal or two will not hurt your ultimate

bottom line. If you are selling a quality service and/or product, then remain confident

that it will sell at the full asking price most of the time.


4. Relinquish control. Sometimes customers simply want to remain in control of the

situation. If this is the current situation, offer the potential customer several choices.

The product or service is sold, and the customer feels like they are in control. This is

because they were able to make a choice that best meets their needs.


5. Stand firm on the price, but re-state all that the price encompasses, highlighting the

positive points, and why purchasing this particular product will benefit the consumer’s life

in some positive manner. This is a great option choice if the customer may not know

what they are getting for their financial investment. It is important to keep in mind that

the value of a product is determined by the customer, but it is up to you to make sure

that they understand that the overall value of the product or service is ultimately worth

more than the price tag.


Final Word:

Results will vary depending on the situation and the method that is used. Do not be

discouraged, because you need to remember that when a customer does push back on your

price, there are options available that can be used to sway the final decision.

Mercedes Diaz

Mercedes Diaz is a serial entrepreneur, owner of a small sports massage clinic in Boston,Ma, online marketing and advertising consultant, business visibility strategist and owner of three authority sites including Massage Therapy That Sells. She loves everything business and is happy to share her knowledge with anyone who asks.


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