Business coaching and strategy for massage therapy practice owners

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  • Why Customer Service is More Important Than You Think

    When I first opened my practice, I knew that good reviews would really help my business succeed, but I never thought the response I got could be so positive and so contagious. The truth is, sites like Yelp and any other areas you are being reviewed online, is the new word of mouth. This is…

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  • Why I Love Selling Massage Memberships

    I wanted to share a secret with you on how I was able to scale my business very quickly. But first, I should explain. When I first started doing massage.. I really was not interested in making it a business. However, I had had years of marketing and business schooling (not to mention I just…

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  • 6 Tips when starting a spa with a small budget

    Starting a spa on a small budget may seem like an impossible task, but many successful entrepreneurs have started multi-million dollar companies with as little as $500 on hand.  The ultimate lesson to learn is to do things in the correct order and form. Ideally, of course, is to have enough money on hand to…

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  • How to run a Spa Successfully

    (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Happy customers are the key to a successful spa.  The only way to ensure that customers will return and tell their friends about your business is when they leave your establishment with a smile on their face each and every time.  Do not underestimate the power of “word of mouth”…

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  • How to write a Spa Business Plan

    // You should  have a business plan in writing, especially if you are attempting to get a financial loan.  It is really not difficult to do and it is vitally necessary to secure a bank loan. Step One Describe the business in about 600 words (one typed page).  Explain how the business came starting and…

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