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  • Top 8 Tips to Improve Client Retention & Loyalty

    Customers are the basis for a successful business, but are you aware that according to the Harvard School of Business, by increasing client retention by just five (5) percent will increase your profits by at least twenty-five (25%). Below are some tips that will improve client retention and customer loyalty:   1. Set realistic expectations…

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  • 10 Ways to Engage Facebook Fans for Your Small Business

    Small businesses are taking Facebook by storm, and you need to be ahead of the competition by keeping your fans engaged on a regular basis. Below are some proven ways to draw more fans to your page by engaging your current fan base.   1. Host an online “party”, and invite all your Facebook fans.…

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  • How to Pick the Best Spa Music

    Choosing the best music to play in the spa should not be as easy as turning on the local radio station. This process should require careful consideration, and should be based on the overall style of the salon/clinic/studio. The music of choice must match the atmosphere you are trying to create. For instance, if you…

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  • The Top 7 Ways To Increase Your Spa’s Profitability

    1. Simplify your menu. To truly benefit from this tip, you must understand the labor costs and profit margin associated with each treatment. Focus on booking high margin services that will offer more opportunities for the therapist to boost revenue, through service upgrades and by the selling of retail items. If you have lower cost…

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  • How to Price Your Massage Services (the Right Way!)

    Let’s say you are a fairly new therapist without a client base ( or maybe a very small one), do you price the same as a therapist that has been in practice for 20 years? Absolutely not! And the main reason for this is, you have no social proof that your massage services are good…

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  • Why I Love Facebook Advertising (And You Should Too!)

    Whenever I talk to my coaching clients about paid advertising, one of the first avenues we explore is Facebook Ads. The internet boom has literally become the perfect environment for entrepreneurs of all kinds. No matter how specific your niche is, chances of finding your audience online is very high-- and Facebook makes it extra…

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