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Interested in Starting a Medical Spa? First read this…

Medical Spa


What is a Medical Spa?

A medical spa is a cross between a day spa and a medical clinic, and they usually operate under trained medical personnel.  Traditionally, medical spas have been known to treat topical skin areas such as redness, brown spots and broken capillaries that have not been successfully treated in the past.

Put your vision for a medical spa into writing. State clearly what you want your medical spa to accomplish, as this will help you determine the type of services you will offer, the type of facility you need, the skills of the staff you will recruit and the style of decorating you'll use. Make your vision specific enough, so that it conforms to all of your other decisions. Expand your vision statement into a full-fledged business plan; that includes details on how to obtain financing, and how your business will generate profits.

Some common services found on a medical spa menu may include laser hair removal, microdermabrasion, Botox injections and chemical peels.

Just like a day spa, a medical spa wants their clients to feel relaxed and comfortable, so ambiance is very important, but there are a couple of important differences.    A client will find a medical professional, as well as a cosmetic professional at one location when they enter a medical spa.

Plan out your menu with a description of the medical benefits for each treatment offered.  Work closely with your qualified personnel, to develop and understand the protocols necessary for each service.  Potential side-effects should also be clearly identified for your customers.

Liability insurance must cover both professional and general aspects of the spa.  As part of your overall medical spa business plan, proper research must be conducted regarding this issue, as this can get very complex and every state differs in their policies.

Find the right location to meet the needs of the spa, as well as the offered services.  For instance, some medical spa business plans include overnight accommodations, while others are a small office in a standard office building.


Equipment considerations are an important aspect of your overall medical spa business plan.  The equipment needed will be directly impacted by the services offered, but some common equipment include (but are not limited to) treatment tables, laser machines, sterilizers, facial steamers, and pedicure stations.

Hiring and providing quality training to staff members should be an intricate part of the medical spa business plan.  Spa professionals need to be hired, as well as attendants to keep the area clean, and a receptionist or host to book and confirm appointments, as well as collect payments.

The staff at a medical spa is the core to a successful business.  Para medical estheticians and licensed therapists need to have a working knowledge of all medical procedures that are performed by doctors, and continuing education is required.  Esthetic staff members must be trained in patient prep, and for any contraindications that a patient may encounter before and after a surgical treatment.

Dermatology has been a very popular practice in the medical spa industry, and it has been commonly used in anti-aging spa treatments such as Botox, Collagen and Laser treatments.  Estheticians can assist with pre, post and maintenance care that is associated with these medical treatments.

Acupuncturist, Yoga Instructor, Massage Therapist and an Ob-Gyn are other professional staff members to consider being part of your spa team.

Advertising is a vital step in your medical spa business plan, and it should start with your local community.  A grand opening is an excellent way to introduce the business, and you can offer a sampling of free services, such as a mini-pedicure.  For this type of event, it is recommended that you have a doctor on site and available, to explain services that the spa offers, and also to answer any questions that may arise from potential clients.

Spas have been growing in leaps and bounds over the past decade, and this growth means endless opportunities for entrepreneurs.

If you would like coaching for your medical spa business efforts contact us to sign up for a free introductory session.

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