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How to start your mobile spa business

mobile spa business

Mobile spas are very popular and these types of businesses have an advantage to reach untapped niches (such as birthday parties, bridal showers, business events and so much more).  In addition to uncharted select areas, mobile spas are great for people who are too busy to take the time out to enjoy some pampering but, when a much needed services shows up at their front door or place of business, it is tough to turn down such enticement.  But before you start capitalizing on these underserviced niches, you must first have a solid plan on how to start a mobile spa business.  Below are clear steps on how to begin and be successful at this unique business venture.


  1. Usually, several different types of services are offered with mobile spas (such as massages, pedicures and manicures). You can choose one or several services to offer your clients.
  2. Do your homework. It is important to know your target market and to develop a strategy to know their needs.  Once you have identified your market and their needs, then you will be better zoned in on your marketing strategy.  There is a whole range of potential clients that will benefits from a mobile spa business and they include (but certainly not limited to) bridal parties, spa themed birthday parties and a boost for employees that attend corporate events.  It is also an important part of the research process to know your competition so that you can find out what they are doing and what is working.  This important data may provide with what you need to give your business an edge.
  3. Proper paperwork. You will need to acquire any and all business licenses and also confirm that your individual employees have their proper credentials as well as the proper clearance from the local health department.  Each city and state has different requirement, it is recommended that you visit the “licensing section” of your states homepage on their individual web-sites.
  4. Marketing material. This is where you will have your company services clearly laid out with specific pricing as well as your contact information.  You can be creative in this area even when your financial budget only allows you to use “stock” templates instead of hiring a personal graphic designer.  You should spend significant time designing your brochures because very often they are the first impressive of your company that potentially new clients will get.
  5. Getting the word out about your new mobile spa business is the next step in your business plan. Now that you have a specific idea of your target audience and have an awesome brochure ready to hand out, it is time to hit eth payment and get some clients.  One great example is that if you have targeted new brides and the overall wedding industry, it is recommended that you rent a booth at a local wedding show and network with wedding planners to see exactly what their clients are looking for and how you can put an attracting spin on advertising so that they will choose your mobile spa business to meet their needs and desires to feel pampered on their special day.  Remember to add a discount to new customers as an added incentive.

Final Word

One of the greatest things about planning how to start your mobile spa business is that you don’t really have to worry about a stationary location and rent, but you will still need to consider gasoline prices and maintenance on your mobile transportation.

If you would like more information or coaching for your mobile spa business contact us for coaching or to sign up for our mobile spa business courses


Mercedes Diaz

Mercedes Diaz is a serial entrepreneur, owner of a small sports massage clinic in Boston,Ma, online marketing and advertising consultant, business visibility strategist and owner of three authority sites including Massage Therapy That Sells. She loves everything business and is happy to share her knowledge with anyone who asks.


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