Business coaching and strategy for massage therapy practice owners

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$97 for our Massage/Spa Business Builder

4-Week Home-Study Course ($297 Value)

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The Course Includes:

  • All the mistakes that are made when building a practice, along with the best ways to avoid them – You will learn exactly what not to do and how to avoid potential pitfalls that can damage your business.
  • Detailed marketing campaigns that I have developed, tested, and fine-tuned over the years – These are the exact campaigns that I still use to continually build my business and they brought in hundreds of thousands of dollars in profit for me.
  • All the boring, but super important stuff that comes along with running a massage/spa practice – The stuff that no one wants to deal with, but must be handled correctly if you are ever going to make it in this business.

And so much more … This is truly just the “tip of the iceberg.” I could go on and on with everything that this course will contain, but I think you get the idea.

This beta program is going to be an intensive 4 week  home study program where you will learn exactly how to attract and retain your ideal clients for your massage practice.

Here Is A Breakdown Of The 4 Weeks Of Training:
Week 1: Develop and Master Your Niche

Week 2: Attract Your Ideal Client

Week 3: Increase Profitability through Client experience

Week 4: Retain Clients

Each module will contain an instructional video and be accompanied by a worksheet that will walk you through the action items to help you achieve the intended lesson for the week.

Think of it as a Step by Step Blueprint to building your successful practice.

And What Would A Study Course Be Without Bonuses?

1.Tech Tips that Make You Money

2.Email Marketing Swipe Files

 3. Access to the private “Massage Therapy that Sells” Facebook Group

In this group you will have the ability to interact and share tips and strategies with other like-minded individuals who are serious about building a successful massage practice.

Also, by being a member of the group you have the ability to get your questions answered by yours truly.

What People Are Saying

“I'm currently on module 2 and so far I think it is a wonderful program. So much info in each module that you are going to want to take your time soaking it all up. ” SHIPRA M.  07/2015

“Excellent program. I am still in the beginning stages of the course, but am learning so much.”AMBER B.  07/2015

Mercedes Diaz

Mercedes Diaz is a serial entrepreneur, owner of a small sports massage clinic in Boston,Ma, online marketing and advertising consultant, business visibility strategist and owner of three authority sites including Massage Therapy That Sells. She loves everything business and is happy to share her knowledge with anyone who asks.