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6 Tips when starting a spa with a small budget


Starting a spa on a small budget may seem like an impossible task, but many successful entrepreneurs have started multi-million dollar companies with as little as $500 on hand.  The ultimate lesson to learn is to do things in the correct order and form.

Ideally, of course, is to have enough money on hand to grow your company quickly and aggressively, but this ideal scenario is not always the case.  Just because your financial status is not ideal, don’t let that stop your dreams from becoming a reality.  If you have passion and a great business plan in writing, then it is possible to start a spa business.

To successfully launch your spa with a small budget, take note of a few important guidelines that you should follow:

Demand for your services

Before you decide to launch a spa business, do some research and make sure that the area that you are targeting is interested in your offered services.  For any business to survive, you need interested customers who are willing to pay for your offered services.


Creativity is the best asset for entrepreneurs who are starting a spa with a small budget.  When you don’t have a lot of cash on hand, it forces you to learn new things to survive and change your thought pattern from a cash dependent entrepreneur to a business person that will survive on resourcefulness, creativity and wit to achieve greatness.


Starting any type of business has its challenges, but a limited capital adds to the strain.  It is for this reason that you need passion to start a spa with a small budget.  You can succeed if you act smart, maximize your resources (no matter how limited they may be) and go after your goal with passion and determination.  Passion will sustain your energy and enthusiasm and it is the driving factor to push ahead and work harder to achieve your goal.


Customers are ultimately the bread and butter of a successful spa business.  Even if you don’t have the resources to seek out potentially new clients, you can make a huge impact on customers and have them basically work for you.  It is important that you treat the customer that you already have with the upmost respect.  Make sure to go above and beyond the basics and you give them the royal treatment because they will tell their friends and family and before you know it, your appointment book will be filled.


Ideally, you don’t have to borrow money to start a spa as you do not want another bill to pay when you have a small budget.  But, in some cases, you may have to borrow some money to keep your business afloat.  Many businesses fail in the first year due to lack of capital.  Remember the best entrepreneurs are smart risk takers.


As soon as the spa begins to generate a steady flow of income, keep a percent of the profits to grow the business and avoid using this cash flow for personal use (not matter how tempting the thought maybe).  It is ok, however, to pay yourself a small salary but the majority of the profits should go back into growing the company.

Mercedes Diaz

Mercedes Diaz is a serial entrepreneur, owner of a small sports massage clinic in Boston,Ma, online marketing and advertising consultant, business visibility strategist and owner of three authority sites including Massage Therapy That Sells. She loves everything business and is happy to share her knowledge with anyone who asks.



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