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12 Spa Start-up Decorating tips

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Setting up an inviting and relaxing mood at your spa with the right décor and ambiance is very important to the overall success of your spa business.  The surrounding sights, smells and sounds that your clients experience when entering your spa may make or break their decision to be a repeat customer as well as share their wonderful experience with their friends and family.

Below are a few great spa start-up decorating tips:

  1. The waiting room is the area that your clients will begin the relaxation process and it is recommended that you use warm earth tones on the walls with a small splash of light floral colors to remove a sterile clinical atmosphere.  Light blues and greens blended with an off-white color offers a clean, yet relaxing feel to your waiting area.
  2. Having some soft relaxing music piped in or even some natural sounds (like ocean waves crashing) playing in the background is a necessary aid as this will help customers feel that they have entered into a new realm and left a world of stress behind.
  3. Beautiful hardwood floors should be covered with rugs that are plush as this adds a touch of elegance and it is also a practical decorating tip for keeping a clean and healthy area.
  4. Ideally, windows in the waiting room should be covered with lace curtains or white veils as this will allow natural light to enter.  But, if windows are facing a loud, dirty parking lot, then wooden blinds maybe a better choice as this will close out the glaring negativity of the outside world.
  5. Seating in the waiting area should no doubt be soft and comfortable (such as overstuffed chairs and/or mini sofas) and a natural color that will complement the wall décor is recommended.  Wicker furniture and bamboo tables have also been known to induce a comfortable and friendly environment.
  6. As mentioned above, natural lighting is preferred but if that is not possible aim to have the room emulates a muted glow.  The lighting situation should be one that is dark enough to encourage relaxation, but also bright enough that it is possible to read without strain. Sconce lighting on the walls is the perfect option to achieve this delicate balance as they provide ample light to read that will not give off a glaring bright light.
  7. A finishing touch of dried lavender or potpourri in a decorative bowl also helps to induce relations.  Plants and fragrant bushes (like jasmine) are also a great, yet simple addition to your spa.  Remember; don’t make this area feel too cluttered as that type of environment increases stress12spastartupdecoratingtips
  8. In contrast, darker wall colors in the treatment rooms will amp up the relaxation environment (bright yellows, reds and oranges are not recommended).  Sunlight should be kept to a minimum in treatment rooms.
  9. Candles, especially scented ones, are encouraged to have in treatment rooms as they are known to make individuals naturally feel at ease.  This not only adds a lovely lighting to the rooms, but it also includes aromatherapy to the treatment without any extra work.
  10. The sound of running water also helps your clients relax.  There are a wide range of indoor fountain options available, depending on your budget and the room size.
  11. Music is very important to create a relaxing environment and slow soothing jazz playing softly in the background is a lovely choice to relax clients in the treatment room.
  12. Sheets and blankets should be soft and lightly colored and if possible, warmed.

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