Business coaching and strategy for massage therapy practice owners

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  • How To Network Successfully In The Field Of Alternative Health

    Networking events can be a positive or a negative (disappointing) experience. A formal networking event should be about people easily communicating about their passion, making connections and sharing contact information. Below are a few tips that will teach you how to be successful in networking with others in the field of alternative health. 1. Start…

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  • 5 Steps to Grow Your Massage Practice

    There are more than 35 million people living in American that receive massages on a regular basis, so why are you unable to increase your massage practice? Perhaps, you are not following the five steps to grow your massage practice effectively and consistently.   1. Target your “target” audience. This will easily be done by…

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  • 11 Success Tips from Alternative Health Leaders

    1. Find what you love and pursue it. Kayla Itsines is a fitness guru, and although she did not know exactly what her future looked like, she knew at an early age (teenage years) that she wanted to help people. 2. Never stop learning. Phil McGraw is a mental health professional, who practices what he…

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  • Facebook Advertising 101: Getting Started With Facebook Ads

    Why should you use Facebook Ads? Facebook Ads are very popular, because they are more advanced than other current social media platforms. In addition, Facebook has been helping people get in front of their specific targeted audience, on a more consistent basis (when compared to other sites). Targeting options Start with your fans, who have…

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  • How to Use Google AdWords Effectively for Massage Therapy

    Google AdWords is said to be one of the more effective ways to reach potentially loyal customers that will aid your businesses growth. In order to maximize your financial investment and avoid making common mistakes, you need to know how to use this effective marketing tool. What is Google AdWords exactly? This is an online…

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  • How To Educate Your Clients Into A Sale

    Each and every day, the average individual in the Western World gets bombarded with more than 3,000 marketing types of messages. It is for this reason, that whether you are a teenager surfing the internet or a CEO of an international corporation; that many people build up a natural ability to resist a typical sales…

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  • 4 Tips to Avoid Being Burned by Groupon

      Everybody loves a bargain, and that is why the CEO of Groupon (Andrew Mason) is a billionaire at the tender age of 30. Some businesses that jump on the Groupon band wagon, say that customers that use these specialized deals are one-time only and not return customers. In fact, almost 90% of Groupon users…

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  • 6 Common Ways Small Businesses Waste Money Marketing

    Small businesses usually have a limited financial budget, and wasting money on marketing is not an option. Below are some easy ways to stop wasting money on advertising:   1. Do not use social media to simply build a following. Social media is great, but using this valuable tool, to simply build a following and…

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  • 7 Things Not to Do when Running a Massage Practice or Spa

    1. Hiring someone who has too much experience may sound counter-productive, but in reality hiring someone right out of school or with minimal spa experience may be to your advantage, because you will not have to break them of previous spa habits. It is not necessarily the experience that an employee brings to your spa…

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